Stay Informed

The University of Chicago provides several ways to keep you informed of any safety-related situations on campus or in the surrounding areas that may affect you. For more information, please review the following:

  • cAlert
    The University’s emergency notification system used when a life-threatening situation requires immediate action by members of the University. cAlert sends a short message, text, or automated phone call to students, faculty, other academic personnel, and staff of the University. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date by visiting cAlert online.

    Community members not affiliated with the University can also sign-up for cAlert by texting the word: calert to 226787
  • Security Alerts
    Messages about significant crimes occurring on campus or immediately adjacent to campus deemed to be a continued threat that are sent to all University members and anyone else who signs up to receive them. Visit the Policies & Procedures webpage to read the Security Alerts Guidelines.
  • UCPD Daily Crime/Fire Log
    A report of all daily incidents reported to the UCPD over the previous 24 hours posted to the Department of Safety & Security’s website. View the daily crime/fire log in the Data & Information webpage.
  • UChicago Safe Mobile App
    A free app to quickly access safety information by the tap of an icon.  This app provides information for emergencies and links to safety resources. For more information and for links to download the app visit the UChicago Safe Mobile App webpage.

For more information regarding off-campus crimes that are reported to UCPD, we provide expanded information via two opt-in resources. These resources include:

  • UCPD Crime Notices
    Crime Notices will be timely emails about certain violent crimes within the UCPD’s extended patrol area that are reported to UCPD. These crimes include homicides, confirmed shooting of a person, and cases where UCPD suspects a pattern of crimes. Crime Notices will be sent only for crimes that fit these criteria and will be categorized by the neighborhoods listed above.  To sign up to receive these alerts, click HERE.
  • Daily Crime Bulletin
    The Daily Crime Bulletin will include information about serious crimes within the entire UCPD extended patrol area that are reported to UCPD. These crimes include homicides, criminal sexual assaults, robberies, aggravated batteries, and residential burglaries classified as home invasions. The Bulletin will also include such information as where the crime occurred within the UCPD patrol area. This opt-in Daily Crime Bulletin will be distributed five days per week, classified by three distinct neighborhoods: Hyde Park/ South Kenwood, North Kenwood/Oakland and Woodlawn. In addition, on a quarterly basis, the Daily Crime Bulletin will provide an analysis of crime trends by area.  To sign up to receive the bulletin, click HERE.