UChicago Safety Resources

Your Safety Matters

Your safety is our top priority. The Department of Safety and Security operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week on and off campus to help keep you safe. Among the Top 10 Best Colleges in America, the University of Chicago’s campus is one of the safest. On this page, you will find tips, resources, and information to help you stay safe.


Safety On and Around Campus

We have many resources and tools to help promote safety among members of the University community and our neighbors in the city.

Safety in the City

Chicago is one of the world’s great cities, and we are proud to call it home. There are also security considerations that come with living in a large city – and the University has many resources available to help you stay safe.

Additional Safety Tips and Services

  • Members of the University community who are concerned about their safety for any reason as they walk within the UCPD's patrol area can call 773.702.8181 and request a safety escort. The first available patrol or security officer will be sent to escort you to your destination.

  • Many members of the University of Chicago Police Department have received Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training and know how to interact, intervene, and de-escalate situations with someone who may need mental health support. If you or someone you know needs emergency police assistance due to a mental health-related crisis:


    • Call 773.702.8181 and ask that a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trained officer responds to the situation. Clearly state that the crisis is a mental health issue.

    • Be prepared to answer any questions about the situation such as the person’s address or current location, phone number, approximate age, race, physical description, diagnosis, and whether or not there is the presence of weapons.

    • If you need additional assistance please call the National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Chicago Office (NAMI-GC) at 312.563.0445 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday) for further support. Outside of normal business hours, leave a clear message with your contact information and NAMI-GC will contact you as soon as possible.

    • Assistance is also available to UChicago students through UChicago HELP and UChicago Student Wellness.


    If someone you know is threatening to harm him or herself or others, immediately call 911 or the University of Chicago Police Department at 773.702.8181.

  • The Community Relations Unit offers a free fingerprinting service to members of the University community. In addition to personal safety purposes, having your fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency can assist with background investigations for receiving clearance for work permits or temporary visas. You can make an appointment by calling 773.702.6008 or emailing ucpd-cru@uchicago.edu.

  • If you need assistance with your vehicle and you are within the UCPD patrol area, call 773.702.8181. An officer will be dispatched to attempt to help you. If they are unable to assist you, the UCPD will provide contact information for appropriate service providers.

    An officer certified to install child safety seats can help ensure your child’s car seat is properly installed in your vehicle. For assistance or to learn more, contact the UCPD’s Community Relations Unit at 773.702.6008.

  • The International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) publishes a guide for students to avoid frauds and scams.

    Click here to view the Guide.

  • To file a police report, request arrest records, or file a complaint, go to Contact the UCPD.

    To reach the UCPD for assistance, available 24/7:

    • Dial 123 from on-campus phones

    • Press the red button on an emergency phone

    • Call 773.702.8181 from other phones