Emergency Management

To report an emergency that may threaten the community, contact the UCPD:

123 (on-campus phone) 773.702.8181 (from an off-campus phone)

The University of Chicago’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program outlines strategies to protect the life safety of University students, faculty, and staff, and to preserve University property and assets in the event of an emergency. The Emergency Management website is a resource the University community can use to receive information on how to prepare for emergencies and how to protect themselves from the effects of an emergency.

Emergency Management Plan

The University has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to cover emergency situations from weather to pandemics. You can read a summary of the plan below and find a description of four safety procedures that may be important in an emergency: Evacuation, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place, and Social Distancing.

Staying Prepared

Do you know what to do in an emergency? It is important to think about it ahead of time so you are better prepared if an emergency does occur.


Learn More

For additional information on emergency planning and procedures, including FAQs and training resources and educational videos, access the links below.

Emergency Management Resources and Definitions


cAlert is the University’s mass notification system. It is designed to provide rapid notifications and instructions to the campus community in the event of an emergency, via text message, voice calls, and email.

Social Media

The University uses Twitter and Facebook to disseminate messages to large audiences in the event of an emergency, including information related to threats and where and how to receive assistance.

Internal Notification System

The University’s Internal public address system is installed in more than a dozen facilities that have large public gathering areas. The internal public address system can remotely broadcast emergency notification messages through pre-recorded, text to speech, and live broadcast methods.

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a scalable command center situated in a secure location. The EOC is large enough to accommodate dozens of response partners, has internet capability, and can monitor informational updates from emergency partners and the media.

Emergency Communications Center

The Emergency Communication Center is staffed 24 hours a day and has the ability to receive emergency calls, notify the University of Chicago Police Department and 911 of an emergency, and monitor certain areas of the campus remotely from video cameras situated in strategic locations.

Emergency Phones

The University has more than 300 emergency phones located throughout campus. Emergency phones connect directly to the University’s dispatch center and can be used to report emergencies. Additionally, some emergency phones have the ability to broadcast messages to the surrounding area and have cameras to monitor the area.

Access Control

The University has the capability to control access to facility entrances through an ID card activated access control system. Access to doors can be controlled and locked remotely.