Safe Zone for Exchanging Goods

The lobby at the UCPD headquarters can be used as a Safe Zone where anyone buying or purchasing items online or through social media channels can pay for the goods in a safe location. The lobby can also be used for custodial exchanges that comply with a court-issued custody agreement.

Exterior of the UCPD's headquarters, located at the University of Chicago's campus.

Keep in mind the following guidelines if you plan to use the UCPD headquarters lobby as part of the Safe Zone service:

  • The UCPD headquarters lobby, located at 850 East 61st Street, can be used between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., but the Emergency Communications Center (773.702.8181) must be called after 5 p.m. to enter into the building

  • Safe Zone is free

  • Safe Zone is available to all University and community members

  • No appointment is necessary

  • The following items are prohibited from being exchanged: any type of weapons or drugs

  • The following items are not allowed in the building: vehicles, large items, liquid or gas-fueled machines, other hazardous materials, or other items that are illegal to possess

UCPD personnel will not be physically present to verify, interfere with, or have a role in any of the exchanges taking place through Safe Zone. However, the interior and exterior areas of the facility will be monitored for any suspicious activity using security cameras.