Request Security for Special Events

Many special events take place throughout the year at the University of Chicago and in the greater Hyde Park community. If you are planning an event on or near campus, we encourage you to provide as much advance notice as possible when police and/or security are needed. To provide the most efficient and professional service for special event requests, the UCPD Special Events Unit asks that the following general guidelines be taken into consideration when requests are made:

  • For special event security requests where uniformed or plainclothes police officers will be used, sufficient notice of the event should be given in order to ensure that proper planning for appropriate staffing levels has been conducted for the scheduled event.

  • For special event security requests where uniformed, unarmed security officers will be used, requests should be made at least three days prior to the scheduled event. Requests made within three days of the event will be honored, but a premium hourly rate will apply.

  • All requests for armed or unarmed officers have a minimum of a four hour charging rate. Events lasting less than four hours will be billed at the four hour minimum rate.

  • Any cancellations for event security requests must be received 24 hours prior to the event.

  • For university-related special events that may require the use of police department barricades on University property, requests must be made at least 10 days prior to the scheduled event. However, barricades cannot be used in conjunction with parking restriction requests and can only be used on streets that have been officially closed by a permit approved by the city of Chicago Mayor’s Office of Special Events. Signage is required to be placed on barricades. If use of the barricades is cancelled, a fee may be charged.

  • Parking requests related to special events that require restricting city of Chicago parking zones or spaces must be coordinated through the University’s Office of Civic Engagement. For assistance, please contact Sarah Sheehan at or call 773.702.6070.


Attendees gather at an outdoor event hosted on the University of Chicago campus.

How To Request Special Event Security

The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) Special Events Unit processes requests for special event security. To request security for your event, fill out the Event Security Form. Once the request has been submitted to the UCPD Special Events Unit, you may be contacted for further information. The rate for special event security is $86.50 per hour.

Request the Dean-On-Call

UCPD works in tandem with the Dean-on-Call program to support students participating in special events.  To request Dean-on Call services for your event, fill out the DOC Special Event Form.

Request UCEMS Staffing

If you would like University of Chicago Emergency Medical Services (UCEMS) personnel at your event, please fill out the Request for UCEMS Staffing Form. Please note in the comments section of the UCPD's Event Security Form if you are requesting UCEMS personnel at your event.