UCPD Reporting Process and Documentation

The responses of UCPD to calls for service are documented using different forms, depending on the nature of the response.  Below is a summary of the various kinds of documentation used in UCPD reporting processes, with links to the appropriate forms, where applicable.

  • Regardless of the nature of the call, UCPD’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) always creates a Calls for Service Record when a community member requests a UCPD response. ECC Dispatchers and responding UCPD Officers update the record as appropriate. A blank UCPD Calls for Service Record can be found here.
  • If an incident is criminal in nature and/or requires detailed documentation, UCPD Officers also complete a UCPD Offense Incident Report. This report is used to document incidents in which UCPD serves as the primary investigating agency (e.g., criminal incidents occurring on campus property) as well as off-campus incidents in which UCPD makes an immediate arrest. For incidents occurring off-campus in which UCPD does not make an arrest or is not the primary agency, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is the reporting agency. A blank UCPD Offense Incident Report can be found here.
  • In addition to the UCPD Offense Incident Report, whenever UCPD makes an arrest, UCPD is required to complete a CPD Arrest Report. This CPD-owned form must be completed by any agency operating within CPD’s jurisdiction that makes an arrest and turns the arrestee over to CPD.
  • In the event that someone is pulled over for a traffic violation and a citation is issued, UCPD officers issue the violator a UCPD Illinois Citation and Complaint form.  This form is issued for motor vehicle violations and, in some circumstances, for criminal offenses in lieu of arrest.  A blank UCPD Citation and Complaint form can be found here.