October 29, 2019

Staying Safe on Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we would like to share some important information to help you safely enjoy the holiday on October 31. This is a time when numerous visitors come to Hyde Park to trick or treat or engage in celebratory activities. While most people come to enjoy the holiday, in recent years we have also seen an increase in criminal activity on Halloween night in parts of Hyde Park and South Kenwood. Community members, local elected officials and staff at the University have worked together in an effort to be better prepared and help young people and local residents to enjoy the holiday safely.

Promoting a safe holiday

Local residents and officials have organized community activities on 53rd Street for Halloween night, including a basketball tournament, talent show, movies at Harper Theater, and a Halloween party at the Promontory. Many residents near 53rd Street plan to keep their external lights on late into the night to further enhance safety.
The Department of Safety and Security has increased staffing for Halloween, with additional UCPD officers and staff to monitor and respond quickly to potential incidents.
The University has set up a Halloween-specific alert system to notify you of potential safety risks or criminal activity in our area that night. Anyone can sign up for these temporary alerts by texting the word “Halloween2019” to 226787 – you don’t need a University affiliation to do so. In the event of activity on Halloween that poses a safety risk, you will receive a text notification. Note – this is an opt-in for Halloween only and does not affect your cAlert and security alert preferences.
Be aware that part of 53rd Street and the surrounding areas will be closed to vehicles beginning at noon on Halloween. This may cause some traffic congestion nearby and will limit parking options. Please plan your commute or any other travel accordingly.

For additional safety information, be sure to download the UChicago Safe app to your mobile device. Thank you for your help to ensure this Halloween is enjoyable and safe.