Notification and Activation


Activation of the University of Chicago’s Emergency Management Plan is dependent on an occurrence or threat of a category II emergency. Once this emergency occurs, University officials will be notified according to the following process:

  1. A call will be made to UCPD through the Emergency Communications Center by individuals on scene calling 773-702-8181 or 123 from a campus phone
  2. UCPD will confirm the emergency call
  3. UCPD will contact the appropriate response emergency resources (e.g., Chicago Fire Department [CFD], Chicago Police Department [CPD], the Safety Office, Emergency Management, Facilities Services)
  4. UCPD will notify the Environmental Health & Safety Office  and the Emergency Director (Director of Emergency Management)
  5. The Emergency Director will notify the Senior Emergency Management Officer (Associate Vice President for Safety, Security and Civic Affairs & Chief of Police)
  6. The Senior Emergency Management Officer will classify the emergency by emergency category
  7. The Senior Emergency Management Officer will approve activating the Emergency Management Plan
  8. When authorized, the Emergency Director activates the appropriate Functional Annexes
  9. Functional annexes follow procedures in accordance with their plans


Once the University has formally been notified of an emergency and the decision to activate the plan has occurred, response assets will be deployed.  The University will activate personnel via its cAlert system. The cAlert system sends an activation message through a variety of media including phone, text, and email.  Recipients are asked to respond to verify they have received the message.  In the event the cAlert system in unable to be used, the University will alternate activation systems.

Depending on the size and scope of the emergency, the Emergency Director may activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC will be staffed with individuals that are experienced or knowledgeable in each emergency function identified within the EMP.  Personnel assigned to the EOC will be notified via the cAlert system. The number of functions and personnel activated for EOC duties will vary depending on the nature of the emergency.