Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures for Building Occupants

Emergencies are unpredictable events that can arise from a variety of circumstances. Accordingly, when frequenting University facilities, members of the University community must be prepared to take action during any emergency to protect their well-being.

Although emergencies can vary greatly in terms of the damage they cause, many of the safety procedures taken in response to the emergency remain consistent. The following section describes four safety procedures University students, faculty, staff, postdoctoral researchers, visitors, and other affiliates can take to promote their safety in an emergency situation. Some procedures will be appropriate for certain hazards; other hazards may require the use of more than one or a combination of procedures. Choosing the proper procedures should be done in consideration of your circumstances at the time and be based on safety training you have received.

  •     Evacuation
  •     Shelter-in-Place
  •     Lockdown
  •     Social Distancing