CSA “Campus Security Authority” Reporting

As a CSA, you may be someone to whom a victim, witness or other person feels comfortable reporting a crime. The information outlined below along with the Campus Security Authority Reporting Form allow you to communicate this information promptly so that the Department of Safety & Security can take appropriate action to alert the community and undertake other Clery Act required actions.

For the purposes of collecting and classifying incidents of crime, the University’s Campus Security Authorities include the following individuals or offices:

  • University of Chicago Police Department
  • Deans of Students and their professional staff
  • Deans-on-Call
  • Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call
  • Academic Advisors in all divisions
  • Student Organization Advisers
  • College Housing Staff
  • Graduate Student Housing Managers
  • Athletic Coaches
  • Sport Club Advisers

CSAs have a legal obligation to notify the University of any Clery Act crimes  that occurred on or within Clery Act locations  that were conveyed to them. While CSAs must report any Clery Act crime that comes to their attention, at the request of the victim(s), identifying information may be excluded from the report (e.g., names, initials, contact information, etc.). Pursuant to the Clery Act, pastoral and professional counselors, when acting as such, are not considered as CSAs. Nevertheless, they are encouraged, if and when they deem it appropriate, to inform the persons they are counseling of the procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for the inclusion in the annual crime statistics.

To report a Clery crime, please following the instructions located on the online Campus Security Authority Reporting Form. If you need assistance submitting this form, please contact the Office of Campus Safety at 773.834.1274.