Your Safety

Assistance with Mental Health Concerns

Many members of the University of Chicago Police Department have received Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training and know how to interact, intervene, and de-escalate situations with anyone who may need a psychiatric evaluation. If you or someone you know needs emergency police assistance due to a mental health-related crisis: 

  • Call 773.702.8181 and ask that a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trained officer responds to the situation. Clearly state that the crisis is a mental health issue.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions about the situation such as the person’s address or current location, phone number, approximate age, race, physical description, diagnosis, and whether or not there is the presence of weapons.
  • If you need additional assistance please call the National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Chicago Office (NAMI-GC) at 312.563.0445 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday) for further support. Outside of normal business hours, leave a clear message with your contact information and NAMI-GC will contact you as soon as possible.

If someone you know is threatening to harm him or herself or others, immediately call 911 or the University of Chicago Police Department at 773.702.8181.