Community Advisory Committee

The University of Chicago Police Department's Community Advisory Committee provides a way for University police to strengthen their relationship and collaborate with area residents on safety issues affecting those who live within the UCPD's extended patrol area. In addition to providing feedback from community members, the advisory committee helps promote UCPD’s services through increased education on police activities and programs.

Members of the community advisory committee represent areas within the UCPD’s patrol area, including Kenwood, Hyde Park, Oakland, and Woodlawn. Committee members were chosen by the University in consultation with community leaders and the local aldermen.

Members of the Community Advisory Committee

  • Kamau Murray, Community Member, Ward 3
  • TBD, Community Member, Ward 3
  • Kim Dubuclet, Community Member, Ward 4
  • Bill Lowry, Community Member, Ward 4
  • Jacky Grimshaw, Community Member, Ward 5
  • Jim Montgomery, Community Member, Ward 5
  • Brian Dean, Community Member, Ward 20
  • Dante Sawyer, Community Member, Ward 20
  • Peter Cassel, At-Large Member
  • Felicia Dawson, At-Large Member
  • Tom Levinson, At-Large Member
  • Cortez Trotter, At-Large Member
  • Fountain Walker, Chief of Police, University of Chicago Police Department
  • Joanne Nee, Deputy Chief, Field Services Bureau, University of Chicago Police Department

Reports of the UCPD's Community Advisory Committee