May 18, 2015

UCPD Reinforce Need for Traffic, Pedestrian Safety

With the advent of spring comes increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic on and around campus. In an effort to maximize safety, save lives, and minimize injuries, the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) is conducting efforts to remind motorists to obey traffic laws and be mindful of cyclists, and pedestrians, especially in crosswalks.

UCPD is reminding motorists that they must yield to pedestrians proceeding through a crosswalk and crossing the street as they have the right of way.  UCPD officials said to expect heightened visibility in high foot traffic areas and increased enforcement measures in the coming days. UCPD officers have been asked to pay special attention to busy crosswalks and enforce traffic laws such as speeding and failure to yield to pedestrians.

The mission, which began on Wednesday and will continue over the next several days along the Midway Plaisance, is aimed at raising awareness about the need for drivers to be alert and cautious when pedestrians are present.

“This isn’t about enforcement and catching people in the act. It’s about safety,” said Gloria Graham, Assistant Chief of Police for UCPD. “That’s why we will be reminding motorists that they need to drive with heightened awareness and to give pedestrians the right of way so we can prevent tragedies in our community.”

An incident earlier this week involving a pre-school aged pedestrian who was struck in a crosswalk and received minor injuries prompted this effort, according to Graham.

“With the warmer weather, we have much more pedestrian and vehicular traffic on and around campus,” said Graham. “We are reminding motorists to drive responsibly, safely, and within the posted speed limit.”