April 07, 2017

UCPD Officers Recognized by CPD for Community Engagement

Three University of Chicago Police Department officers received community service awards from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) at its Citizen’s Award Ceremony, held Wednesday, April 5. 

The CPD recognized the UCPD officers for their work throughout the community and in support of the CPD’s District Advisory Council and CAPS programs and initiatives. At the event, CPD Commander Crystal King-Smith said the UCPD is a very reliable police force who engages with the community in a very positive, welcoming, and compassionate manner.

The UCPD officers who received the awards are all members of the Community Relations Unit. They include Victor Vazquez, Jerone Thadison, and Danielle Garcia. Officer Garcia could not attend the event, so UCPD Captain Mario Tello received the award on her behalf.

“We are pleased to be recognized by the CPD for the dedication and hard work of our Community Relations Unit, and the impact they’re having on our community,” said Joanne Nee, the UCPD’s interim chief of police. “Our collaborative relationship with the CPD helps us work toward our mission of making the University community a safe place to work, learn, and live.”