January 05, 2018

UCPD Offers Lobby Space for Transactions

As part of the new Safe Zone service, the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) allows the use of its lobby as a location for individuals to pay for goods found online or through social media channels. Safe Zone also allows for custodial exchanges between parents and legal guardians, in accordance with their custody agreements.

The UCPD headquarters lobby, located at 850 East 61st Street, is available for use between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. If the exchange time occurs after 5 p.m., the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) must be called in order to enter the building. The ECC can be reached at the UCPD’s main number, 773.702.8181.

UCPD personnel will not be physically present to verify, interfere with, or have a role in any of the exchanges taking place through Safe Zone. However, the interior and exterior areas of the facility will be monitored for any suspicious activity using security cameras.

Anyone interested in using the Safe Zone space can show up and exchange their items. No appointment is necessary to participate. There are, however, restrictions on what can be brought into the building. Prohibited items include vehicles, large-scale objects, liquid- or gas-fueled machines, any other hazardous materials, and any items that are illegal to possess and/or distribute. Additionally, no weapons or drugs of any kind can be exchanged.

For more information about Safe Zone, call 773.702.8181 or visit yoursafety.uchicago.edu.