May 08, 2017

UChicago’s Emergency Management Helps Launch Higher Ed Group

The University of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management is helping to spearhead efforts along with other Chicago-area universities to strengthen relationships with emergency management and business continuity personnel who work in higher education and local government agencies.

Members of this group recently met at UChicago to share ideas, identify training opportunities, and discuss ways to share threat-related information. 

“This group gives us all a direct relationship with the city and Cook County, and it allows us to be a voice for higher education where there really isn’t one now,” DeLuca said. “In theory, I can reach out to these partners and they can help me with plans, ideas, and potentially even resources. We’re still in the early stages of forming this group, but so far it’s been a positive, collaborative experience.”

The group is now comprised of emergency management and business continuity personnel from more than a dozen Chicago area institutions of higher education and is supported by the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications and the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, with the idea that other schools will soon be added and membership could be as high as 20 members.

“Getting everyone on board was the first step and everyone involved has been supportive of this process,” DeLuca said. “We’re looking forward to keeping up this momentum and really creating a strong, working relationship among members of this group.”