June 12, 2017

Some NightRide Routes Being Modified

A few modifications are being made to some of the University’s NightRide shuttle routes at the beginning of the Summer Quarter. As of June 19, the following changes will be implemented on the evening shuttles:

  • The Central Route shuttle will travel westbound along 53rd Street in the opposite direction of the East Route shuttle to provide a more direct link between 60th Street and 53rd Street.  
  • The South Route shuttle will change its course to allow those exiting on South Campus to disembark before the shuttle travels to the stop at the 63rd Street Green Line station.
  • The North Route shuttle has already changed to travel along 48th Street instead of 47th Street to accommodate a road construction project. Due to the minor impact of this change, the North Route shuttle will continue to use 48th Street on a permanent basis. The North Route will also travel along Drexel Avenue rather than Ingleside Avenue. 

To track the University’s UGo shuttles or CTA buses that travel on or near campus, go to uchicago.transloc.com. TransLoc can also be viewed as a smartphone app or on monitors in several buildings on campus.