January 21, 2016

Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs

To: All Faculty, Staff, and Other Academic Appointees
From: Eric D. Isaacs, Provost, and Rowan A. Miranda, Vice President for Operations & Chief Financial Officer
Subject: Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs
Date: January 21, 2016

Throughout the year, the University of Chicago hosts a large number of minors who participate in classes, camps and other programming on our campuses. As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our community and visitors, the University convened an ad hoc committee to review existing policies and procedures related to programs serving children under the age of 18.

The ad hoc committee, in consultation with the Committee of the Council and the Council of the University Senate, developed the first University-wide Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs.

The new policy, which will take effect on March 1, 2016, sets screening, training and conduct requirements for those individuals who are involved with University programs that serve children. It also calls for supervisors and volunteers with youth programs and any individuals who have direct contact with minors through these programs, to 1) complete training on mandated reporting status, the policy, and guidelines for working with youth (e.g., how to maintain appropriate boundaries); and 2) undergo a criminal background and registered sex offender check.

To help support this initiative and promote best practices, the University’s Office of Risk Management has hired a Youth Program Coordinator, Kenyatta L. Tatum Futterman, who will serve as a University-wide resource.

Individuals currently working in University programs that serve children will receive additional information in the coming weeks. To read the policy and view frequently asked questions, visit rmia.uchicago.edu. If you have additional questions, please contact Kenyatta Tatum Futterman at 773.702.8837 or kenyatta@uchicago.edu.