October 19, 2015

AVP Lynch’s Fall Safety Message

I am writing to encourage members of the University community to familiarize themselves with the services provided by the Department of Safety & Security. We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of this community and promoting a secure environment for our faculty, students, staff, and neighbors. Our services include the University of Chicago Police Department, emergency management and communications, environmental health & safety, risk management, campus security, and transportation & parking. We collaborate with members of our community to provide an integrated safety program while adhering to our core values of respect, integrity, service, and excellence. We encourage you to partner with us, as safety and security is a shared responsibility.

The University offers a variety of resources to keep you informed and help you stay safe:

  • For life-threatening emergencies, cAlert warns every member of the campus community with automated emails, text messages, and calls to landlines and cell phones. To ensure that you receive these critical messages, please log onto calert.uchicago.edu to check the accuracy of your information and enroll the devices most likely to reach you.
  • For crimes that present a specific threat but do not require immediate action, the University sends out security alerts to all campus community members. For more information on our guidelines concerning security alerts, see uchicago.edu/community/safety/alerts.
  • To help you plan travel to, from, or around campus, the online TransLoc service gives real-time tracking of the University’s shuttles and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses that serve the campus area. You can use TransLoc on the web at uchicago.transloc.com or you can download the app using the links here.
  • You can find additional safety tips at safety-security.uchicago.edu or in the University of Chicago’s Common Sense guide: commonsense.uchicago.edu/.

We are taking additional steps to encourage community involvement, in collaboration with the Office of Civic Engagement. As part of UCPD’s commitment to enhancing the transparency of policing activities, new data and information are now available on the Department of Safety & Security’s website, safety-security.uchicago.edu. The new information includes daily traffic stop and field interview reports, the department’s hiring and training practices, information about the UCPD’s jurisdiction and how it was established, and frequently asked questions.

The UCPD Community Advisory Committee was formed this summer to enhance the relationship between the community and the police, and to help promote and support public awareness of the UCPD and its services. The committee includes two members appointed by each of the four aldermen serving our community, and four at-large appointments made by the University. Current members of the committee can be viewed at safety-security.uchicago.edu/police/community_engagement/community_advisory_committee/. The committee will meet four times a year and will submit an end-of-year report, which will be shared on the Safety & Security website.

I wish you a safe and productive year.

Marlon C. Lynch

Associate Vice President for Safety, Security and Civic Affairs