October 18, 2017

Change to East Route Begins Friday, Oct. 20

To enhance service along NightRide’s East Route, the shuttle’s route will be extended south along Hyde Park Boulevard to 56th Street. This change to service is effective Friday, October 20, 2017.

This modification to the East Route shuttle includes the following changes:

  • The shuttle operates on its regular route southbound on South Hyde Park Boulevard to 56th Street and turns right
  • Continues one bock west on 56th Street to South Cornell Avenue and turns right
  • Continues north on South Cornell Avenue to East 55th Street
  • Turns left onto 55th Street heading west and continues the regular route

To track the University’s UGo shuttles or CTA buses that travel on or near campus, go to uchicago.transloc.com. TransLoc can also be viewed as a smartphone app or on monitors in several buildings on campus.