May 12, 2016

AVP Lynch’s Spring Safety Message

As we progress through spring quarter, I would like to take this opportunity to share some safety-related news and reminders with you.

University of Chicago Police Department officers are now equipped with body-worn cameras as part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of officers and the people the department serves. These cameras promote officer accountability and professionalism, help officers document interactions, and provide impartial evidence. For more information about the UCPD’s body-worn cameras and additional efforts to enhance our transparency, visit

During the summer months, the University hosts scores of children involved in a variety of summer programs on campus. As a reminder, the University’s Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs went into effect March 1, 2016. This policy requires supervisors and volunteers involved with youth programs and any individuals with direct contact with minors to complete training on mandated reporting status, the policy and guidelines for working with children, as well as complete a criminal background and registered sex offender check. If you are involved with youth programming at the University and have any questions about what your responsibilities are related to this policy, please visit or contact Youth Program Coordinator Kenyatta L. Tatum Futterman at 773.702.8837 or

Another important resource within the Department of Safety & Security is the Office of Emergency Management. This unit provides information and resources to help departments, schools, centers, and organizations be prepared in the event of an emergency. To learn more about how Emergency Management can assist your area in enhancing your preparedness for a possible emergency, visit

Lastly, I would like to remind members of our community that warmer weather often brings an increase in criminal activity throughout the city and the greater Hyde Park area. Always be mindful of your surroundings and never leave your valuables unattended. Theft continues to be a common occurrence on our campus, as it is for many universities. If you see a crime occur, immediately call police.

You can help protect your valuables by registering them with the UCPD. To register your bike or laptop computer, to get fingerprinted, or receive a free safety presentation for your group, department, or organization, contact the UCPD’s Community Relations Unit (CRU). The CRU can be reached at 773.702.6008 or

If you have any questions or concerns about your safety, please feel free to contact me. I wish you a safe and productive spring.

Marlon C. Lynch

Associate Vice President for Safety, Security and Civic Affairs