Purpose and Scope


The purpose of the University of Chicago EMP is to outline the University’s strategy in responding to emergencies by detailing primary and supporting roles and discussing triggers that would lead to the plan’s activation.  The EMP provides a concept of operations for each phase of emergency operations.  Additionally, it defines the process for conducting direction and control; finance, administration and logistics; communication; information collection, analysis, and dissemination; and plan development and maintenance during incidents that pose a threat to the safety of University staff, students, visitors and property.


The EMP outlines the processes and procedures necessary to manage emergencies that occur on the University’s campus or within University academic or business facilities excluding University of Chicago Medicine. University of Chicago Medicine has its own plan, but will coordinate closely with the University during emergencies.  For emergencies that exceed the scope of the University’s ability to respond, the University will engage in any mutual aid that is available and will work closely with the City of Chicago.

The EMP is written to be an “all-hazards” plan and will cover all natural, technological, and human caused hazards.