Plan Development and Maintenance

The University of Chicago EMP was developed and will be maintained in accordance with the planning approach outlined in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMAs) Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101. The comprehensive approach to planning educates and trains personnel on the operation, exercises the plan to develop and enhance organizational capabilities, and identifies and implements correctives action to update, maintain, and improve plans.

Record of Change

The Emergency Director will use the Record of Change to house a record of plan updates during the plan development and maintenance process. Plans will be updated through an analysis of current planning and recommendations from three sources:

  1. After Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP) corrective actions from exercises and events
  2. Comments from internal and external plan users
  3. Internal and external audits and reviews

AAR/IP Corrective Actions

After Action Reports/Improvement Plans identify areas for improvement in planning and pinpoint specific corrective actions to address those areas.  Corrective action items identified through this process will be reviewed by the planning team and used to update and improve plans during the plan development and maintenance phase.

User Comments

The University’s Emergency Management Program continually acquires feedback and recommendations from plan users and partners.

Internal and External Reviews and Audits

The University’s Emergency Management Program performs periodic mock audits to update its planning and increase overall preparedness. Recommendations discovered from these audits are captured and vetted by the planning team and used as part of the plan update and maintenance process.