Administration and Finance and Logistics

Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance operations will be established during EMP operations to track the acquisition of resources, personnel time, vendor contracts, and costs associated with used, borrowed, or damaged equipment.

Per NIMS, resources are inclusive of personnel teams, facilities, equipment, and supplies. Resources can be supplemented by procurement, mutual aid, volunteer and donation management, and personnel reassignment.

Administration and Finance operations are critical to ensure costs are reconciled with funding sources. This is accomplished by tracking four main categories of expenses:

  • Compensation/Claims: financial concerns resulting from damage to property, injuries, or fatalities at the incident
  • Cost: tracking and analyzing cost data, making estimates, and recommending cost saving measures
  • Procurement: financial matters concerning vendors contracts
  • Time: recording time for incident personnel and hired equipment


Logistic operations will manage resources and will work with Finance and Administration to identify, obtain, and deliver needed resources to the operation. Resource management involves the following four primary responsibilities:

  1. Establish systems for describing, inventorying, and requesting resources
  2. Activate these systems prior to and during an incident
  3. Dispatch resources as requested
  4. Deactivate or recall resources when no  longer in use

The Logistics Section will be responsible for satisfying resources requests. If the resource is not available on scene, logistics personnel within the EOC will obtain the resource through procurement or mutual aid.