Hiring & Training Practices

Hiring Practices

The University Police Department (UCPD) hires officers in accordance with University hiring policies. We look for officers with a friendly demeanor, good communication skills, and an understanding of the community. Successful completion of a background investigation, written and medical exams, oral interview, psychological test, drug screen and a physical fitness test is required.

Training Practices

Upon hire, all recruits will complete an initial week of administrative training at UCPD. Non-certified recruits will then undergo approximately 16 weeks of training at the Chicago Police Academy. The training is consistent with the requirements of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB). Once the training is completed, the officers must pass a certification examination administered by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. After completion of the Chicago Police Academy and successful passing of the certification exam, recruits will then complete 12 additional weeks of training as required by the UCPD Field Training Program. Officers who are hired by UCPD who are currently certified police officers in the State of Illinois (ILETSB) will immediately begin the UCPD Field Training Program after the initial week of administrative training is complete. During their careers, UCPD officers also receive required annual in-service training as well as possible career development training based on the interests of the officer and needs of the department.