Complaint Process

The University of Chicago Police Department welcomes feedback and encourages individuals to report concerns regarding services received by members of the department.

In order for a complaint against a police officer to be formally investigated the citizen filing the complaint must sign a sworn affidavit, as explained in and required by the Uniform Peace Officers’ Disciplinary Act, 50 ILCS 725(3.8)(b). 

Individuals who want to provide feedback, but do not wish to participate in the formal complaint process or wish to remain anonymous, may do so. However, the ability of the department to investigate any claims of wrongdoing, without the full cooperation of the complainant, is limited.

Filing a Formal Complaint

Formal complaints can be initiated any of the following ways:

Complete a University of Chicago Police Complaint Form

• Electronically fill out and submit the University of Chicago Police Complaint Form

Contact the UCPD Office of Professional Standards

Individuals can contact the Professional Standards staff in order to initiate the formal complaint process. Professional Standards personnel will make an appointment with the citizen to meet and assist them with completing the Citizens Complaint Form. Professional Standards staff may be contacted any of the following ways: 
• Call 773.702.8181 and ask to speak with Professional Standards
• Send an email to (please note this email address is only monitored Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays)

In Person at UCPD Headquarters

Citizens may come to the University of Chicago Police Department Office, located at 6054 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60637, at anytime to file a complaint with the on-duty police supervisor.

Formal Complaint Review Process

The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) operates under strict rules and regulations that provide for professional conduct. Occasionally, however, a situation may arise that leads to a formal complaint against the police. Complaints are taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly.

View detailed information and a description of what the Complaint Review Investigation Process entails.

Once the investigation has been concluded, the complainant(s) will receive a written response from Associate Vice President for Safety, Security, and Civic Affairs & Chief of Police Marlon C. Lynch explaining the findings and any disciplinary actions taken by the department as a result of a sustained complaint.

For complaints relating directly or indirectly to issues of excessive force, violation of rights, abusive language, and dereliction of duty, the investigative report is submitted to the Independent Review Committee for the UCPD to review.

Anonymous Feedback Process

If you would simply like the University of Chicago Police Department to know of your concerns, but do not wish to participate in the formal complaint process, you may fill out the feedback form and mail it to the address listed on the form. However, this sometimes reduces the ability to gather all relevant facts related to the complaint.

Independent Review Committee

As specified above, the Independent Review Committee examines complaints against the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD). The committee consists of three faculty members, three students, two staff members, and three community members. Committee members are appointed by the Provost. Read more on the committee’s charge.

The committee meets as needed to review individual complaints as well as UCPD reports and related policy, procedural, and communication issues. The committee annually reports its findings and recommendations for policy and procedure changes to the Provost, President, and Vice President for Operations and Chief Financial Officer. These annual reports are available below.

Members of the Independent Review Committee for the University of Chicago Police Department, 2014-15

  • Richard McAdams, Faculty member and Committee Chair
  • Austin Blum, Student member
  • Josh Cannon, Student member
  • Scott Clayton, Community member
  • Veronica Portillo Heap, Student member
  • Eric Jemison, Community member
  • Elizabeth Shanin, Staff member
  • Wendy Stock, Faculty member
  • Belinda Vazquez, Staff member
  • Christopher Woods, Faculty member
  • Ingrid Gould, Staff to Committee

Reports of the Independent Review Committee for the University of Chicago Police Department