October 26, 2017

CTA 172, North Route Shuttle Rerouted

Due to road work on East Hyde Park Boulevard at Dorchester Avenue, the North Route shuttle will be rerouted from 51st  Street to 53rd Street effective Thursday, October 26, 2017.

The North Route shuttle will reroute as follows:

  • Operate on its regular route southbound on South Lake Park Avenue to 53rd Street and turn right
  • Continue westbound on 53rd Street to South Greenwood Avenue and turn left
  • Continue southbound on South Greenwood Avenue to resume the regular route

The CTA 172 (southbound only) will reroute as follows:

  • Continue on its regular route westbound on East Hyde Park Boulevard to South Blackstone Avenue
  • Turn right onto Blackstone Avenue heading northbound to East 50th Street
  • Turn left onto East 50th Street heading westbound to South Woodlawn Avenue
  • Turn left onto South Woodlawn Avenue heading southbound to East Hyde Park Boulevard
  • Turn right onto East Hyde Park Boulevard and resume the regular route

For more information, visit the CTA’s website: transitchicago.com/travel_information/bus_status.aspx.

To track the University’s UGo shuttles or CTA buses that travel on or near campus, go to uchicago.transloc.com. TransLoc can also be viewed as a smartphone app or on monitors in several buildings on campus.