November 11, 2010

Crime Prevention

To: The Campus Community
From: Marlon C. Lynch, Associate Vice President for Safety and Security and Chief of Police
Date: November 11, 2010

I am writing to update you on crime trends in our community, including a continuing reduction in violent crime, and a short-term increase in residential burglaries.

Total violent crime remains at record low levels, 19 percent lower so far in 2010 than in the comparable period in 2009, and 36 percent lower than the five year average. Robberies (Forcible theft from a person) in 2010 have decreased 21 percent compared to the first ten months of 2009, and are 38 percent lower than the five year average. This success is due in part to your vigilance, and as it gets dark earlier, I encourage you to continue to take precautions such as traveling in groups, avoiding using cell phones and smart phones while walking and taking advantage of public transportation – Free bus service; SafeRide; and umbrella service.

We have seen an increase in the incidence of burglaries (Unlawful entry to a structure to commit a theft) and thefts in recent months, especially opportunistic break-ins at unsecured residences. Though University and Chicago police are working in concert to apprehend the people responsible for property crimes, we also need your help. Please:

  • Lock doors and windows in your residence.
  • Don’t prop doors open or admit strangers into your building, apartment or room. Don’t buzz a visitor into your building unless you are certain who it is.
  • If you see a suspicious person or activity around your home or a neighbor’s residence call police and let us check it out–University police: 773-702-8181; Chicago police emergency: 911.
  • Keep valuables and packages out of sight in your car. GPS devices have been popular targets of thieves recently. Most often a thief will shatter a window to gain entry to the vehicle.

Thank you for making our campus and community a safer place to live. As always, if you have questions or concerns about safety issues you can contact us at